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Duratray is conscious that time is money in the delivery business and have worked with a large cross section of companies and private operators for many years to design the best possible tray body solutions for the industry. From high dropsides, removable gates, through to full canopies and racking systems, Duratray are able to assist you with all your requirements.

Racks and High Sides

Duratray has a wide range of racking systems and dropside options, able to be combined together to create an extremely workable and versatile delivery vehicle suitable to carry a wide variety of loads.

Aluminium tray, removable bar gates on top of dropsides, custom tube front and rear racks, nudge bar and front rack, under tray trolley holder.


  • Extremely versatile delivery vehicle
  • Adaptable to a vast range of loads.
  • Quick and easy loading saving time and money

Aluminium tray, rear ladder rack, cab over support rack, nudge bar and front rack.

Aluminium tray, 440mm dropsides, tonneau cover.


  • Able to carry taller items
  • Load is quickly and easily secured
  • Load is safe from the weather & also out of sight

Welded steel tray, bar gates incorporated in dropsides, mesh tailgate, under body toolbox and water tank.

Gates and Tarps

Ute gates are essential for the transportation of various items that cannot be moved successfully on an open tray body. Various styles and sizes are available or we can custom build to your requirements.


Click here to view our complete range of Gates & Tarp options

Tailgate Loaders

Our range of Tailgate Loaders ensure you can get the job done safely, efficiently and cost effectively without the need for extra persons or a forklift.

Aluminium tray, 590mm dropsides, lyco loader, custom racks, nudge bar and front rack, underbody rope box, recessed floor rings and rubber mat.

Aluminium tray, tommy gate electric hydraulic tailgate loader.