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Croc Hinge

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Duratray are a distributor for Croc Hinge,  the most creative mounting solution for your 4×4 accessories. This Australian designed 4×4 bracket allows your accessories to store either vertically or horizontal on your racks, freeing up valuable rack space when needed but able to store flat to reduce vehicle height. The Croc Hinge is suitable for awnings, recovery tracks and much more, the only limit to the application is your imagination…


  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Stainless gas strut
  • 35kg load rated

Reduce your overall height

Do you struggle to get into your garage or the local shopping center due to the height of your awning or recovery boards? with the Croc Hinge, you can now simply pivot you accessories flat onto your racks, reducing the overall height.

Croc Hinge awning bracket – opened.

Croc Hinge awning bracket – closed.


Reclaim Valuable space

Do you wish you had that bit extra space when you are loading for a trip? With the Croc Hinge 4×4 Bracket, you can simply mount your recovery boards allowing them to pivot up giving more rack space, along with much easier access when you need them in a sticky situation.

Croc Hinge 4×4 bracket – opened.

Croc Hinge 4×4 bracket – closed.

 What other uses for Croc Hinge?

Croc Hinges are such a versatile bracket, they can also be used for a variety of other applications such as shower awnings, recovery spades the list goes on. The only limit is your imagination…

Croc Hinge awning mount in closed position.