Deluxe Aluminum Trays

Deluxe Aluminum Trays

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The Duratray Deluxe tray range is available to further enhance your vehicle. With a large number of options and combinations available, the Deluxe Tray is able to be personalised to create an upmarket package.

Standard Deluxe Features

  • 76mm polished sports bar
  • Polished tray (external parts only)
  • Polished tail light protection
  • Standard 1.8T floor (2.5T heavy duty floor optional)
  • Heavy duty silver zinc over centre catches (fully adjustable to eliminate rattles)
  • Heavy duty silver zinc hinges
  • 225mm heavy duty dropsides
  • Full length alloy tie rails
  • Alloy mudguards
  • Flush headboard for ease of loading
  • Flush rear coaming (for ease of loading and cleaning)

Deluxe Alloy Tray with “the works”

Additional to standard deluxe tray

  • 76mm polished removable rear sports bar
  • Alloy polished mega steps
  • Polished alloy checker plate mud guards
  • Alloy mesh (un-polished)
  • 76mm polished double sports bar
  • Rubber tray mat

Deluxe Alloy Tray options

Polished 76mm sports bars
Removable sports bar pins

Polished 76mm trade racks
Trade rack earsrear-rack-socket
Rear rack socket

Double sports bars
Recessed rear rackbrake-light-in-bar
Brake light in 76mm bar

Window Protection

Welded alloy mesh window protection

Cross rail window protection

Other Accessories

Deluxe cab over rack 60mm polished

Mega steps (not available on dual cabs & some extra cabs)

Polished alloy checker plate mudguards

Alloy checker plate floor overlay

Front side steps (excluding dual cabs)

Rear side steps

Tonneau cover (fibreglass reinforced material)

300mm dropsides