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Duratray’s Electrical Traybody solutions are an ideal alternative to working out of a van. With a range of toolbox options mounted to an aluminium tray all of your fitting and equipment can be organised to be quickly and easily accessed from the outside, plus some open tray space to transport those bulky items. Ladder and conduit racks can also be fitted along with under body boxes & drawers. Call us to day to help you design your ideal work platformelectrical-body-boxes-and-drawer
Aluminium tray, full length square toolboxes with custom internal drawers and shelves, custom polished racks, hinged rear door, under body toolboxes, rolla drawer.

Aluminium tray, white square toolboxes with drawers and shelves, square headboard and rear rack, water tank, rolla drawer, ladder rails and conduit carrier.

Aluminium tray, workman box LHS, 3/4 door box RHS, square headboard and rear rack, water tank, ladder rails and conduit carrier, cab roof bar.

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Ladder Rails and Conduit Carrier


The Ladder Rail & Conduit Holder kit is able to be mounted to the tray headboard and rear rack, and also supported by a cab roof bar (for dual cabs).
This set up shown is suitable to hold one extension ladder, one step ladder and conduit. Included is restraining straps, making the loading and uploading extremely fast and easy from the tray rear.