Duratray > Landscaping
With a wide range of Traybody fitouts from gates, to tippers, toolboxes to tarps – Duratray have a wide range of options to suit the landscaping and garden care industries.

Tipping Bodies

Under body ute tippers are designed to make unloading quick and easy. Tippers can be fitted to any model of tray, both aluminium and steel, and combined with cages or high dropsides to increase the load capacity.

Aluminium tray, electric hydraulic underbody tipper, underbody toolbox


  • Quick and easy unloading
  • Saves time and money
  • Increased productivity

Aluminium tray, removable mesh gates mounted to dropsides, electric hydraulic underbody tipper, retractable mesh tarp load cover

High Side and Gates

Duratray have a range of options to increase your load capacity, from high dropsides, through to removable or dropdown gates.

Welded steel tray, dropsides including bar gates, mesh tailgate, under body toolbox and water tank

Welded steel tray (colour coded) drop down mesh gates, side hinged rear doors, under body toolbox

Aluminium tray, 450mm dropsides, tonneau cover


  • Able to carry taller items
  • Load is quickly and easily secured
  • Load is safe from the weather & also out of sight