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lyco-animAre you ever concerned that loading the ute or truck may be a Workplace Health & Safety risk or even lead to significant injury?
How many times have you wished for an extra pair of hands for those heavy lifting jobs?

Duratray is able to offer you a safe and affordable vehicle lifting solution, the Lyco Loader. Suitable for assisting in a wide range of industries including: trades people, contractors, courier/delivery , white goods delivery, plumbing supplies, councils, utility services, farmers and many more…


  • Easily lIfts loads of up to 300kgs without hydraulics or electrics.
  • Simple one person hand winch operation with low effort, reducing the risk of back injury.
  • Doubles as a normal tailgate (drops down vertical) and has folding platform to reduce wind resistance and increase rear visibility.
  • Lightweight – adds only 55kg to your vehicle weight
  • Cost effective (significantly more affordable than electric/hydraulic models)

Lyco loader in closed position

Lyco loader in open loading position

Catch closed

Catch open

Swing handle operation

The Lyco Loader can be fitted along with toolboxes and other accessories to create an extremely versatile vehicle.

The Lyco loader can also be side mounted as an option for that special application.