Mine Vehicles and Fitouts

Mine Vehicles and Fitouts

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Duratray’s complete mine vehicle fitouts are marketed under “Mine Traybody Solutions” a one-stop-shop to get your ute equipped with a tray body made for the mining or construction industry. With various traybody options available in both steel and heavy duty aluminium, we can customise your vehicle or fleet to suit your exact application.
Mine spec welded steel tray

Mine Tray Fitouts

Duratray specializes in complete vehicle fitouts, ensuring all the accessories and equipment you require are seamlessly integrated together at one supplier.
Some fitouts include – toolboxes and storage solutions, cranes and lifting devices, mine spec lighting and electrical…. Our design team will provide a solution to your needs…

Service body fitouts

Bodies and accessories can be customized to suit your industry

Mine Accessories

Our complete range of mine spec accessories means a one-stop-shop to equip your ute for the mining or construction industry.
Electrical equipment such as mine light bars, battery isolators, UHF radios etc…
plus any other equipment required can be supplied and fitted.

Mine spec mesh – steel tray & amber beacon

Mine spec mesh – alloy tray & LED mine bar

Battery isolation with jump start receptacle

UHF, VHF commercial radios

Canvas seat covers

Mine flags

Tray mounted extinguishers

Cab floor mount extinguishers

Key on/lights on kits

Wheel nut indicators

Wheel chocks

First aid kits

Recovery kits

Radio call signs

Reflective striping

Safety triangles

Lockable fuel caps