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Monster Rack

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Duratray’s unique Monster Rack is designed to eliminate the requirement for a front mounted rack, increasing vision and improving load distribution. With an 1800mm long cab over support rack this system gives greater load capacity plus increased forward vision.



  • No nudgebar or bullbar rack required
  • 1800mm long cab over rack (system supported by the tray)
  • Rear tray ladder rack
  • Evenly distributed load capacity 250kg
  • Available on aluminium or steel trays


  • Clear driving vision with no front rack
  • Greater load capacity
  • No requirement to remove rack
  • Improved load distribution
  • Reduced insurance risk



Rack Mounted Tie Downs

3 x tie down ratchets, fitted front, middle and rear of the racking system for quick easy securing of the load without interfering with the tray.


Longer Rack Ears

Longer rack ears are available on the headboard and rear rack to increase the loading height capacity of lightweight items such as PVC pipe (note – does not increase load weight capacity of racks)