Duratray > Storage

Duratray has an extensive range of storage solutions to complete your vehicle build. Our complete range of above tray and under tray toolboxes, along with rolla drawers and water tanks are available to ensure all your tools and equipment are well organised to save both time and money.

Above Tray Toolboxes

Duratray can supply and fit a large range of above body tool boxes and cabinets to suit any storage needs that you may require.

Under Tray Toolboxes


Under body toolboxes are the ideal storage area for ropes, straps, jacks or tools, leaving your tray and your cabin uncluttered.

Under Tray Locker

Under Tray Locker – Utilizes the wasted space between the chassis and the tray. Ideal for shovels, crowbars and other long awkward items.

Rolla Drawer

The Rolla Drawer is designed to discretely and securely lock away your tools. Fitting neatly between the tray and the chassis, all your tools and equipment are quickly and easily accessible when required.

Water Tanks


Ute Water Tanks – our range of under body water tanks are suitable for fitment to almost any ute. With models in both PVC and stainless steel, this provides quick easy clean up at the end of the job !