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Tie Downs & Tracks

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Correct Load Restraint is a vital part of owning and operating a commercial vehicle. With Duratray extensive range of load restraint options and equipment, we can ensure your load is both safe and compliant with the law.

Recessed Floor Rings

Recessed Floor Rings are able to be fitted to the tray floor and are an excellent option to secure your load instead of using the tie rails. With multiple rings able to be fitted at customisable locations, this allows the tray dropsides to be lowered without untying the load and also is a great solution to secure that low awkward load.

Recessed Floor Ring
Multiple Recessed Floor Rings

Aluminium tie down track

Duratray’s aluminium tie down track system is a great adjustable solution for securing difficult and differing loads.

Tray floor mounted
Tray headboard mounted


  • Can be fitted to floor, headboard, ladder racks etc..
  • Fully adjustable, place tie rings where required
  • Rated at up to 400kg (subject to mounting method)
  • Large tie ring – suitable for ratchet straps etc..
Large tie ring – suitable for ratchet straps or ropes
Fitted down both sides of tray floor

Ratchet tie down straps

Duratray have a range of ratchet straps to complete your tie down equipment fitout.

35mm ratchet strap
50m ratchet strap
Clip on winch
Track mount / bolt on winch