Tippers – Electric Hydraulic

Tippers – Electric Hydraulic

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animated-tipperUnder body ute tippers are designed to make unloading quick and easy. Our electric/hydraulic tipping system is designed to tip a load up to the vehicles capacity. All tipping units come with an isolation switch (to prevent accidental operation) and have a safety prop and hose burst protection valve fitted to ensure operator safety.

Electric hydraulic tipper, standard alloy tray (optional 300mm dropsides and mesh window protector)

Just because you need a tipper, doesn’t mean that your ute can’t look great. (deluxe tray shown)

Tippers can be optioned with removable gates, racks, either aluminum or steel tray and numerous other options

All vehicles are fitted with a full length subframe, safety prop and either single or twin hydraulic rams (depending on vehicle model)

Safety prop

Single hydraulic ram

Twin hydraulic ram

Toolboxes and other accessories can be incorporated along with a tipping body, just tell us what you require.