Tommy Gate Loader

Tommy Gate Loader

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The Tommy Gate loader, a quality electric – hydraulic tailgater loader makes light work of heavy items.
With a liftgate, one person can do the job of five, in a manner that is faster and safer than before. An ordinary pickup truck can become a powerful business machine, broadening the scope of its abilities beyond what was previously thought possible.


Standard Features:

  • Hydraulic operation, fully self contained unit
  • Corded remote control plus loader mounted controls
  • L.E.D. flush mounted tail lights
  • Compatible with most towbars
  • Steel or Aluminium platform models available
  • Can be fitted to both Aluminium and Steel Trays

Standard Model Specifications:

  • Lifting Capacity 590kg
  • Platform Size 1564W x 965L
  • Ramp – adds 150mm to length
  • Approx Weight – 225kg
  • Adds to tray length 325mm
  • Can be fitted to both Aluminium and Steel Trays

(Above spec for G265 – 1340 – TP38 other models available)

Corded remote control

Recessed L.E.D. lights & number plate

Loader forms rear 160mm of tray floor

Aluminium platform model

Aluminium platform model – closed position

Aluminium platform model – open position

Tommy Gate loader fitted to aluminium tray