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Duratray tray bodies are covered by a 5-year warranty 

Duratray warrants to the owner that during the warranty period, at its option will, repair, replace or adjust free of charge any part of the tray body which it finds to be defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and operation at Duratray’s premises or an approved Duratray repair facility provided that:

  • The tray body has not become defective due to accidental or malicious damage, used outside of its capacity (overloaded) use of improper cleaning products or exposure to corrosive substances or chemicals, including salt water. 
  • Installation of additional extras or traybody removal / refitment after Duratray installation may adversely affect the performance and durability of the traybody and as such may void warranty.
  • The tray body has been properly and regularly maintained. All mounting points on the tray and accessories must be checked and tightened and moving parts adjusted and lubricated every 12 months. This is the responsibilities of the owner to perform and document the above maintenance.


  • All Duratray Tray Bodies are built and fitted according to the ADR National Vehicle Standards, Bulletin No.6.
  • Duratray cannot take any responsibility for any partial obstruction of the side rear view mirror visibility. If the dealer or customer is of the opinion that the existing mirrors are insufficient, then it is their responsibility to organize and fit an alternative.
  • Fitment of a tray body will in many cases alter the ride and handling performance of the vehicle. Duratray accepts no responsibility for a change in vehicle ride, handling or performance resulting from tray body fitment.
  • Where a cab roof protection bar is fitted to a tray, Duratray disclaims all responsibility as to the possibility of the bar creating wind noise.
  • When a cab roof bar is fitted to the vehicle, this is designed to be a support only and the load is not to be tied to the cab roof bar. Duratray accepts no responsibility for damage to vehicle because of cab roof bar use.
  • Warranty on any accessories, toolboxes, electrical items or lifting devices sold by Duratray is limited to whatever is given or implied by the original manufacturer.
  • No warranty is given on staining or chafing of the tray surfaces caused from fitment of a Tonneau Cover or Rubber Tray Mat. It is the customers responsibility to ensure these accessories are removed allowing the tray to dry after wet weather or cleaning.
  • Warranty on Tonneau covers is limited to 12 months on cover fabric. No warranty is given or implied on shock cord as it is a wearing part.
  • Due to the nature of timber, no warranty will be offered against warping, swelling, and splitting. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure timber floors are regularly coated with Linseed Oil every 3 months.
  • Painting and Powder Coating is of a normal commercial standard and colour variations may occur. The warranty on painted or Powder Coated surfaces is 12 months and does not cover any discolouration, stone chips, chemicals or sealants, salt spray, industrial fallout, animal droppings, general ageing, or misuse and all claims are subject to inspection by the supplier.
  • Where a longer than standard tray body and/or a Rolla Drawer is fitted, Duratray disclaims all responsibility as to any vehicle manufacturer warranty implications and/or the compatibility with a Towbar. Where possible, we endeavour to warn customers prior to purchase of this problem but it is the customer’s responsibility to investigate these issues.
  • In most cases an inspection will be required at Duratray’s premises to verify any warranty claims.


Any claims or discrepancies alleging the goods are not in accordance with the quote and/or contract must be made in writing within seven (7) days of the completion of the job, otherwise the goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract.